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Lifestyle Coaching

The Comprehensive Coaching  approach to flourishing health.


Education and mentoring to enhance your coaching capacities.

Gut Health Science

Evidence-based education and guidance to keep you informed and empowered.

Educational Resources

Memberships, certifications, webinars, podcasts and articles on gut health, coaching, and behavior change.

About Me

I am a former Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Georgia Gwinnett College and hold a PhD in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise from Virginia Tech as well as a BS in Exercise, Sport, and Health Education from Radford University. I am an ACE-certified Health Coach with both Monash Low-FODMAP and ISSN Sport Nutritionist certifications. As a board member of both the Nutrition Coaching Global Mastermind (NCGM) and the Sports Nutrition Association (SNA), I collaborate with a selection of colleagues to guide discussions and change toward best practices in the online nutrition coaching industry. 

My Approach

I provide client-centered lifestyle telehealth coaching via Vitamin PhD Nutrition. My coaching approach embodies my values of conscientiousness, compassion, knowledge, and integrity.  I believe in the importance of flexible dietary approaches in addition to regular, enjoyable physical activity and cognitive exercises as part of a sustainable lifestyle free from the chronic dieting mindset.

 I spent so many years suppressing those types of thoughts because I always relied on others to tell me what to eat. I never trusted myself to know. But this thinking about food is different from the food-centered angst I’ve lived with forever. Obsessing on the “bad” food I restricted, always being afraid that I’d veer off the plan and then if I did, beating myself up constantly for my lack of willpower. It was exhausting and draining. Now, thinking about food is fun!!
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