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Gut Health Guidance

These days, "gut health" is one of the hottest topics. Unfortunately, marketing gimmicks, fad diets, and false claims can leave you feeling confused and frustrated. Whether you're wondering about probiotics, worried about artificial sweeteners, or looking for relief when it seems like you're doing everything right and still having digestive troubles, you're in the right place! After earning my doctorate studying the gut microbiome, I have gone on to educate and empower others with evidence-based information. We can work together to navigate the Low-FODMAP approach based on the Monash Low-FODMAP Certification, or have a quick chat to talk through other solutions.

This is science fortified with compassion.

My intestines have been a rock star this weekend so I thank them for that 
There's no constant pain, no major discomfort, I feel like I can move again.

The Science of Gut Health is finally here!

In collaboration with Renaissance Periodization and my fellow gut microbiome researcher, Dr. Jessie Hoffman, I've reviewed over 350 articles in the past three years to provide this scientific guide to gut health.

Whether you're considering a probiotic, curious about the most microbe-friendly dietary pattern, or just wondering what "gut health" even means, this is the book you've been waiting for. 

What's the best thing you can do for your gut health?

Start here.

Want even more gut health science?

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