Lifestyle Coaching

Your purpose is so much greater than the size of your body. If you are feeling stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, anxious about your food, unhappy with your body, and longing for balance, you deserve more. 

The Comprehensive Coaching approach is an intensive, personalized journey to a balanced, satisfying relationship with your food and your body. 

Together, we foster a judgment-free space to explore your values and identity, guiding us toward goals that really mean something to you. Along the way, as you face obstacles, we work together to challenge unhelpful thought and behavior patterns while making your desired habits easier to establish. We work together in ways that emphasize your autonomy, self-confidence, self-worth, and flourishing health.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to authentic living, so the Comprehensive Coaching approach evolves with you and your goals, from weight-neutral approaches to sport nutrition for recreational athletes.

This is science fortified with compassion.

Free Yourself

“In retrospect, I recognize that so many women in the programs I did were, like me, there because they believed it could fix their problems, which went way beyond what was on the plate.”

“I’ve allowed myself to eat my so called trigger foods i.e bread during the week and that has allowed me to stop binge eating it on the weekend…freedom to try out new recipes in the kitchen and not having to worry that I need to fit it in or find substitutes…That makes me really happy…”

Value Yourself

“Now I see myself as someone deserving of love, acceptance, connection, care, compassion, and support. I exercise because it brings me joy and helps me care for myself. I eat better because I want to treat my capable organ sack with the respect it deserves and provide it with the nutrition it needs to perform optimally. My quality of life has so drastically improved that the dynamic I hold with the people around me has also shifted.”

Live Authentically

“My body, mind, and soul give me signals all the time that I’ve become accustomed now to listening to. When I’m thirsty I drink, when I’m sad I cry, when I’m happy I smile, when I’m amourous I make love, when I’m tired I sleep, and when I have an itch I scratch, when I’m stressed I breathe deeply, when I’m hungry….I will eat. And I will do all of those things outside of any “shoulds” or rules or expectations outside of my values.”